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Why we are different

NOW serving the MIDWEST regions!

  • We understand the psychology of social media and social media marketing.
  • We understand the importance of social media and social media marketing.
  • We’ve studied over 500,000 hours to master our speciality. We've studied Facebook ads and Instagram ads.
  • What will it cost you if you DON’T hire a professional?
  • Don’t believe us? Check out our work!

Why we are different

NOW serving the MIDWEST regions!
We are GLOBALl!

Our team members have a vast and diverse background stretching from London, Los Angeles, and Argentina. We are industry leaders in being the most creative and fast moving media company in the area.

We have the FASEST turnaround!

Speed matters to use. We strive to deliver projects and requests as fast as possible. Our general timeframe is 24-48 hours.


We understand the lightening speed of social media. We are always available to our clients and strive to answer and finish client requests as soon as possible.


Our CEO, JJ Johnson, is no joke when it comes to delivering the best service possible. We strive to deliver powerful content that is error-free and impactful.

Digital Marketing Agency that MAKES YOU MONEY!

Midwest mother of 3.
Fashion Merchandising Major at the Art Institute of Minneapolis.
Lover of fine art.
Lived in Los Angeles for 6 years working behind the scenes of music videos and movies. Managed and branded many clients, careers, and businesses.
Over 8 years of social media marketing experiences.
Global team of the most talented graphic and web designers, copy writers, and out-of-the box- thinkers!

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